Deep Mixing With Discs

Australia’s leading disc plough manufacturer has been investing heavily in scaling up their range over the past few years to meet new customer demands of mixing soil to a depth greater than 300mm.

New research has been done which is showing the benefit in deep mixing in some soil types where certain outcomes are desired.

While modern farming practices are proof that the uptake of technology has many advantages, as with all things there are some side effects which are starting to show up, and without intervention all pointers are saying things will get worse. We all know farming isn’t a “one-size fits all” system, we need to get to know our soils and look at what our soils are telling us to help our soil remain healthy and productive. “We have helped farmers turn pretty ordinary country into high yielding healthy soils” Grizzly Marketing Manager and Company Director Skye Poltrock said.

Whether it be attributable through soil types, crop selections and rotations or chemical use, many no-till farmers are seeing pH levels in the root zone drop to a level where their soils are telling them they need to do something to address the issue. That’s where the Grizzly TINY460 is coming in to their farming program.

With the help of forward thinking agronomists and soil mapping some spread lime on the surface to mix through the profile, some are choosing to simply mix the soil with nothing added and some are mixing clay through their sands to help manage the very costly issue of non-wetting soils. Whatever your problem Grizzly can mix your soil evenly through the profile of the working depth to greater that 300mm in the most efficient way available.

Depending on your requirements, soil types and scale, Grizzly have models available to mix from 200mm through to 300 plus mm. These machines are incredibly easy to use, set up, maintain and the need to pre-rip or avoid the odd underground obstacle isn’t required.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, Grizzly is a family owned company, with an emphasis on building a quality product and relationships with customers and dealers. The company’s success is on the back of building high quality machinery allowing producers to achieve their desired results from their cultivation requirements and that’s how developments such as the Tiny 460 comes about.

For further information on the deep mixing and working of soils you can contact Grizzly on 1800 637 250 or

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