Grizzly Heavy Duty Discs

Grizzly machines can achieve deep cultivation as well as shallow cultivation while maintaining a level finish and full cut-out. They are also efficient to pull due to the tandem working design, keeping diesel costs and equipment wear to a minimum.

Speed discs have regularly been advertised and sold on the basis that they can perform primary tillage operations, similar to what tandem offsets can achieve. However, there are more and more customers coming back to Grizzly tandem offset discs to enable them to get a full and effective operation, whether it be for weed kill, seedbed preparation or stubble cultivation.

All Grizzly framework is made from grade 350 plate or higher and our steel is sourced from Australia wherever possible. Occasionally, however, Grizzly does source steel from Japan or other countries, to ensure the highest quality of our products.

In recent years a lot of work has gone into developing models to have narrow transport widths to allow easy road transport which has seen us remain industry-leading with not only our in-field performance but performance on road also.

Grizzly heavy-duty discs have a two-year bearing warranty, with unique disc and bearing design. Grizzly use a twist-in, twist-out bearing fitted inside a housing which rotates around a stationary axle. This gives Grizzly the ability to put the bearing at the very end of each disc assembly, meaning that changing a bearing is fast and easy as the discs don’t have to be pulled apart to access the bearing.

At Grizzly, we use a patented Floppy T-Bar Scraper which greatly increases the machine’s ability to work in wet and sticky conditions where other makes of discs wouldn’t be able to work. With heavy-duty construction and hydraulic front to back levelling for fine-tuning of any job, Grizzly machines make easy work of just about all cultivation scenarios.

An increasing number of Grizzly heavy-duty discs are delivered fully assembled, ready to go to work straight from the factory.

With over 100 dealers nation-wide, we are able to stock a wide range of equipment to suit a broad range of customers and applications.

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