Grizzly Discs For Sale!

There is a Grizzly discs for sale near you if you have been following the Grizzly conversation closely and have decided that you need one of these reliable, quality machines.

What Do Grizzly Machines Offer?

New or second hand, these machines hold their value incredibly well, offer premium performance, second to none service from the Grizzly team, and quality that is at the top of the market.

Grizzly discs, as with all Grizzly machinery, are designed and built in Australia, for the Australian environment and our tough conditions. They are low maintenance, easy upkeep and repair, with easily accessible parts. In short, the cost of maintaining your new Grizzly is minimal and outputs from your investment in the machine maximum.

So Where Do I Get One?

Chances are that years and years ago, your land has been cleared through chaining or pulling to flatten any small trees, brush or scrub. The land was likely left for a year or two, then stick raked, ripped, burned and blade ploughed to get rid of all vegetation and roots. However, if land management hasn’t been kept up to date across the years it may be time for some pastoral renovation.

Access to sales, support and spare parts is easy with Grizzly equipment sold through our network of authorised, reputable dealers in all states and territories of Australia. There is one near you!

Farmers, graziers and pastoralists can buy new or quality second-hand machines readily through your local dealer, or if you prefer a private sale, they can be available online, but be quick, if you find a Grizzly for private sale, it will not last long.

Why would I Buy Grizzly Over a Competitor Brand?

Grizzly is a trusted brand, known for quality and ease of use. Grizzly machines and equipment hold their value well above all of their competitors. This is due to the quality and design of the machines and the renowned service and support provided by the team.

Ask the wider farming community which is the best offset out there to buy and Grizzly is the name that stands out from the pack. This isn’t by accident, but by many years of working hard in designing and producing the best possible product a customer can buy.

Grizzly sell, service and support their machines in the field and are continually investing in research and development and bringing out new models to move with the industry requirements.

Grizzly answer all the questions you need to ask when purchasing disc machinery – it’s a genuine, quality brand, Australian made, with a unique serial number to identify that specific piece of equipment. There are copies out there, but nothing matches the quality and service associated with a Grizzly.

What other Products are Available?

If you can’t live without your Grizzly disc, also try Grizzly offset discs or tandem offset discs, heavy duty discs, light discs, stubble cultivators, disc cultivators or best offset disc. For all your heavy groundwork, there’s a Grizzly for you. Contact your local Grizzly team to hook you up with quality, reliable, long-lasting equipment!

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